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CorelDRAW Tutorial - Inner Shadow Text Effect

In this tutorial we will try to create a Inner Shadow Text Effect with CorelDRAW (on this tutorial is CorelDRAW X7). Perhaps there are many ways to make this effect, but this time we will learn one of them.

CorelDraw tutorial Inner Shadows
Step 1
Create your text with Text Tool (F8). With the text is selected, copy it with shorcut Ctrl+C.

Step 2
Create a rectangle with Rectangle Tool (F6) to cover the text.

Step 3
Select the text and the rectangle. Then click icon Front minus back (shaping tool).

Step 4
Make sure shaping result is black like image below. If not, coloring it to black for shadow color. This is shadow object.

Step 5
With the object is selected, go to Bitmaps -> Convert to Bitmap.
NB: Another way to make the shadow is with Drop Shadow tool.

Step 6
Convert To Bitmap windows will appear. Let the default option. Make sure the Transparent background option is checked, then click OK.

Step 7
With the object selected, go to Bitmaps -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur.

Step 8
Gaussian Blur windows will appear. Change the Radius value to taste. On this tutorial, with the size of the text here, its enaugh with Radius = 3.0 Pixels. Then click OK.

Step 9
Paste the copied text on Step 1 with Ctrl+V.

Step 10
Change the color of text with your taste. For example, orange(on this tutorial).

Step 11
Move the text object few pixel. For example I move the text object 4 pixels to left and 4 pixels up (for light shadows from left-top side). Select text object first, then shadow object. Click the Intersect icon.

Text object move position.
4 pixels to left (X) and 4 pixels up (Y).

This is Intersect shaping result.

Step 12
Delete the shadow object.

Step 13
Select the text (you can change the color of text) then order it Back One (Ctrl+PgDn) or to Back of Layer (Shift+PgDn). If necessary, use Transparency tool enaugh to make the shadow slightly smooth.

Step 14
Create background with Rectangle Tool (F6). Then order it to Back of Layer (Shift+PgDn).

Step 15
Coloring background with your taste. DONE.
CorelDraw Tutorial Text Effect Inner Shadow

Another result with another move of tect object.
Red Center - No Move - Front Lighting.
Yellow (Top-Left) Similar with tutorial.
Green (Bottom-Left)
Blue (Bottom-Left)
Grey (Bottom-Right)
Inner Shadows Vector Tutorial.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial.
Apologize for everything in this tutorial.
Thanks for visit my blog.

CorelDRAW Tutorial Inner Shadow Text Effect Bayangan Dalam Teks Efek.


  1. kalau kita menggunakna photoshop sangat mudah gan nda perlu repot seperti di corel draw , kalau saya penggunaan corel draw hanya untuk membuat Design Game , Karakter game karena lebih mendetail dan tidak pecah saat di besarkan maupun di perkecil , tapi klo untuk edit foto tulisan saya lebih baik menggunakan Photoshop :D

    1. Yap. PhotoShop hanya dengan satu klik menggunakan effek.
      Tapi belum banyak yang tahu cara membuat inner shadow dengan CorelDRAW.
      Walaupun ribet memang, tapi ini sebagai pembelajaran saja.
      Terimakasih atas masukan dan sarannya saudaraku ^_^

  2. Your blog post really helped me.i loved that how you explained everything in detail.Your tutorial is really easy to understand.Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. thank you so much the tutorial.

  4. Your blog post really helped me.i loved that how you explained everything in detail.Your tutorial is really easy to understand.Thanks for sharing this with us.

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