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CorelDRAW Tutorial - How to Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon - Part 2

In this tutorial, we’ll Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon and combine them into a set of colorful icons. We’ll create a base with some simple shapes and transformations and then use it to create as many variations as we can by replacing separate details, like in a constructor.
Hope you like this tutorial.

CorelDraw Tutorial How to Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon

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Step 25
Create circles with Ellipse tool (F7) and form a even circle by holding the Ctrl button like shown below. Or you may use Contour tool like Steps 3-6 with various Contour offset value.

Step 26
Then coloring them and repeat Steps 8-11 (customization).

Step 27
Repeat Steps 12-21 with various customization.

Step 28
With Rectangle tool, create rectangle, rotate, then copy like shown below. Then Group the rectangles (Ctrl+G).

Step 29
Choose Smear tool.

Step 30
Customize the Nib radius and Pressure value of Smear tool. For example, Nib radius = 422 px and Pressure = 50 for size of the grouped rectangles. Then use the Smear tool, click the grouped rectangles to active it, then drag like shown below.

Step 31
Take the smeared rectangles object like shown below. Select the smeare rectangle object and the Sushi Body object then click the Intersect icon button. Coloring the Intersect result with darker color of the Sushi Body object.

Step 32
Delete the smeared rectangles object.

Step 33
For the shadow, create a rectangle like shown below and make sure the left side of the rectangles in the center of the Sushi Body object. Select the rectangle and Sushi Body object then click Intersect icon button.

Step 34
Coloring the intersect relult with black.

Step 35
Choose Transparency tool. Change the Transparency type to Uniform then adjust the Starting transparency value enaugh. In this tutorial Starting transparency = 87.


Step 36
Create another Sushis top with combination of circles and rounded rectangles.

Step 37
Use necessary Steps above.

Step 38
With Ellipse tool and Pen tool, create object like shown below.

Step 39
Copy and coloring them like shown below. For example, the orange color is rgb(255,102,51), and the brighter is rgb(255,154,120). Group for each.

Step 40
Choose one of the sushi form. For example the sushi with blue sushi body.

Step 41
Delete any object that not needed on the top of sushi.

Step 42
Place the caviar on top of the roll and start adding more copies. Rearrange the pieces, placing the dark elements next to the light ones, creating contrast.
Add more copies, covering the top of our rolled sushi and creating a thick layer of caviar.

Step 43
Create another sushis with various shape and color. Place our rolls on the icon circles with Tutorial Logo With Long Shadows, combining the contrasting colors. Duplicate some rolls, creating pairs to make the set more rhythmic and varied.
Free Download CorelDraw Vector Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon

Congratulation, now you have a set of Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icons.
Hope you like this tutorial.
Apologize for bad tutorial and English, hope this tutorial helpfully.

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CorelDraw Tutorial - How to Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon

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