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How to Watermark Blogger Photos Already Uploaded

It would be an annoying thing when our work stolen or taken by others. That was what I felt when my articles (blogger post) copied by others. Moreover, they did it without write the link source or the author name.

So, we need to do a variety of ways to protect (copyright) of any articles / blogger post. Of course there are many ways to do it. You can easily find a variety of ways through search engines like google and others.

At this article, we will discuss about the protection of photos / images with a watermark. Thus, although our pictures taken (Copy-Paste) by another person, at least there is a name or sign that the image is ours. To do this photo watermark was certainly so many ways that can be done. Theres hundred of image / photo editor software such as PhotoShop, Corel, ACDSee, etc. as well online editor. But how if we want to adding a watermark to a photo already uploaded on blogger and posted anywhere in our post page?

Therefore, here are tips, tricks, or a tutorial "How to Watermarking a Images / Photos already Uploaded on Blogger".

Notice : Every images that you upload to your Blogger post are automatically stored in online Google Picasa Web Album.  You can view your online photos and albums by visiting or via The album name is the same as your blog name.  You can do photo editing online with Picasa Web, but you cannot add text for a watermark.

Step 1 :
Open and create an account in

Notice :
- Actually you do not need to make a account for editing your Picasa Albums. But the advantage of creating an account is the will remember your connection and history you use
-  The steps below are without creating a account.

Step 2 :
- Option 1 :
Click the Edit a Photo button.

- Option 2 :
Select Editor tab.

Then select the Library tab.

Step 3 :
Select Picasa, Google+ tab.

Step 4 :
Click Connect button to connection between and your Picasa Albums. 

Step 5 :
Select the album where the photo you want to edit is located. In this case I choose Galih Gasendra's Album because all of this blog photos is uploded on it.

Step 6 :
Select the images / photos to be edited. On the bottom right of the photo, there is a menu button. Select the menu button and then select Edit.

Step 7 :
You will see a page of a photo editor with a menu that might you already know. Next, edit anything you need. In this case according to the title of my post, we will add text as watermark. Select Aa Text tab.

Step 8 :
Type the text that you want and select the font from the list, or you can choose Load My Fonts. Then select the Add button.

Step 9 :
Set the text color, size, position, etc.

Step 10 :
Once the photo editing process is completed, the next step is to save your edited photos by selecting the Save tab. You can add a caption and tags to the photo. Remember to remove the check Tag with "Ribbet" if you do not need it. Because our goal to add a watermark on the photos that have been uploaded and already posting, so that the link address and the name of the photos not changed, make sure the Replace the old file option is selected. Then press the button Save Photo.

Step 11 :
A "Confirm Photo Replace" warning will popup. Select the Replace button. DONE!!!

Now, you can check your original blog post that has the watermark photo to verify the change. I assure you, that the photo now has a watermark. Now your aggravation / annoyance feel will be slightly reduced.

That tips and tutorials from me about "How to Watermarking a Images / Photos already Uploaded on Blogger".

Apologize for my bad English.
Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog.

by Lalu Galih Gasendra

How to Watermark Blogger Photos that Already Uplodes or Posted

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