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Fix Monkey Test & Time Service Virus Engriks (Without Flashing)

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It is now Android devices have begun vulnerable to the virus. Because Android platform itself is open source, which means it can be easy to edit or modify it.

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One source of transmission of the virus is through the internet. Because the Internet itself a lot of transmission of the virus / malware. Also because the device settings that allow application instalation from unknown sources.

Some thread that I found on google, suggested doing a flashing again. Of course this is a bother. Not to mention if there are people who would lay something like this. Then of course I am looking for a more simple way.

First I found some links tutorial how to cope with this virus, such as Fix for Monkey Test & Time Service Virus (Without Flashing). Indeed, many people who claim success with the tutorial. But the tutorial was more devoted to the KitKat. Since the mine is Jellybean android, finally I look for other links that is simpler but still did not find it.

Finally, without complicated and must do this and that, I tried to install some antivirus and malware from google play store. The application is AVG Mobile Antivirus Free, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus, 360 Mobile Security - Junk Cleaner, Avira Antivirus Security, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, CM Security AppLock Antivirus, etc. After I installing, most of them detect the presence of viruses in the android device I have. But none of all that I have can remove it.

Then the last instalation is Stubborn Ghost Push Trojan Killer that application frome same developer of CM Security. This application is the only application (antivirus-malware I installed before this post was written) that fight, kill, and clean up the virus Engriks from my Android device. Just download and install it from google play store, then run and the virus will be gone.

Furthermore, to keep your Android device remains secure, disable the instalation from unknown sources. To do that, Settings -> Security -> uncheck the Unknown sources.

How to remove the Engriks Virus is just Download and Instal Stubborn Ghost Push Trojan Killer Application from Google PlayStore.

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  1. Can the ransomware also enter in an android device I have listen about it only in windows. If a serious ransowmare like petya ransomwareor locky can enter in android device then it is a thing to worry.