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CorelDRAW Tutorial - How to Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon - Part 1

In this tutorial, we’ll Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon and combine them into a set of colorful icons. We’ll create a base with some simple shapes and transformations and then use it to create as many variations as we can by replacing separate details, like in a constructor.
Hope you like this tutorial.

CorelDraw Tutorial How to Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon


Step 1
Create a rectangle with Rectangle tool (F6) and form a even rectangle by holding the Ctrl button. In this tutorial, the Object size : width =  100 px; and height = 100 px.

Step 2
Change the Angle of rotation to 45° and all value of Corner radius to 30 px with Round corner.

Step 3
Choose Contour tool.

Step 4
Use Outside contour and change the value of Contour steps to 1 and Contour offset to 50 px. I use orange color for the Outline to differentiation.

Step 5
Right click the contour object then choose Break Contour Group Apart, or just with Ctrl+K shortcut.

Step 6
Select the contour object (orange) and repeat Steps 3-5 with green Outline color.

Step 7
Coloring all with your taste. For example the green color = rgb(153,204,51) the cream color = rgb(255,255,153) and the blue color = rgb(68,88,128).

Step 8
Create an ellipse with Ellipse tool (F7). Use rgb(207,207,116) for the Outline color. Copy the ellipse on the cream area like shown below. Adjust the Angle of rotation and the Object size if needed.

Step 9
Use Pen tool to make an curve like shown below.

Step 10
Use Smart Fill tool and change the Fill color with darker green color, for example rgb(127,168,45). Then fill on the right side of the curve.

Step 11
Delete the curve and disable the Outline off the filled object.

Step 12
Select all of the object then right click and choose Group them (Ctrl+G).

Step 13
With the grouped object selected, go to tab Effects > Add Perspective.

Step 14
Create a rectangle for horizontal reference of the perspective. Select the rectangle and the grouped object. Go to Arrange > Align and Distribute > Align Centers Vertically or just press C on the keyboard.
Double click the grouped object, then the perspective control will shown (dotted rectangle). Drag the the Top-Left Perspective control point to the corner point of the rectangle like shown below.

Step 15
Do it again for the Top-Right Perspective control point.
NB: You can adjust the width size and vertical position of the reference rectangle to customize the shape of perspective.

Step 16
Delete the reference rectangle. Right click the grouped object then select Ungroup All.

Step 17
Copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the blue object (like shown below) and make sure the copied blue object Align Centers Vertically with all.

Step 18
Create a rectangle that have same width size with the blue object.

Step 19
Select the rectangle and the bottom blue object. Then combine them by clicking the Weld icon button. We call it Sushi Body object.

Step 20
Right click the Sushi Body object then select Order > To Back Of Layer or Shift+PgDn to bring the object to back.

Step 21
Coloring the Sushi Body object darker then the blue before. For example rgb(51,68,102).

Step 22
Create a stright line like shown below with Pen tool (Hold Shift button on keyboard to lock your path while adding new anchor point for 15° increments).

Step 23
For the side shadow, use Smart Fill tool then change the Fill color more darker blue color, rgb(38,53,84). Or you can use color black then use Transparency tool. Delete the stright line and disable the Outline of the shadow object.

Step 24
Create an object like shown below with Pen tool. Coloring it with rgb(68,88,128). Then copy the object to the Sushi Body object like below.


Hope you like this tutorial.
Apologize for bad tutorial and English, hope this tutorial helpfully.

CorelDraw Tutorial - How to Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon

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