CorelDraw Tutorial - Create a Logo on a Blurred Background

In this simple tutorial we’re going to create a simple retro logotype and place it on a blurred background made from a photo right in CorelDraw. We’ll be using some basic shapes and tools and working with transparency to turn our photo into a defocused background.
CorelDraw Tutorial Create a Logo on a Blurred Background
Let’s get started!


Step 1 
Choose Star tool and form a even star by holding the Ctrl button. Setting the Star tool, for example, in this tutorial: Points or sides = 36; Sharpness = 10.

Step 2
With the star selected, use Contour tool. For this size of star, I use Contour offset = 30px. Then apply the Outside Contour by clicking the Outside contour button icon.

Step 3
Right click the Contour object and choose Break Contour Group Apart or just with shortcut Ctrl+K.

Step 4
With both selected, click Back minus front button icon then coloring it (black, for example). We call curly object.

Step 5
Create a circle with Ellipse tool (F7) and form a even circle by holding the Ctrl button. To align the circle in centers of the first object, select both and press C (Align Centers Vertically) then E (Align Centers Horizontally) button on keyboard.

Step 6
Repeat Step 5 for another smaller circle like below. Select both of circle and click Back minus front button icon then coloring. We call Inner circle.

Step 7
Add the main text with Text tool (F8). Like the Step 6, to align the text in centers, select the text with one of the: curly object or Inner circle then press C and E button on keyboard.

Step 8
Use Rectangle tool (F6) to add seperated line like below (above of text). Copy the rectangle (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) below the text. We call it Top line and Bottom line object. To align the Top line and Bottom line object in center horizontall of the logo, select the Top line, Bottom line and the Curly object then press C button on keyboard.
Next, arrange both of Top line and Bottom line object to center vertically. The way is select both of Top line and Bottom line, then group them by press Ctrl+G on keyboard. Select the grouped object and Curly object then press E on keyboard.

Step 9
Add anothe text, for example like below.

Step 10
Add some stars with Star tool. Use the necessary steps above.

Step 11
Select all of the object, and group them (Ctrl+G).


Step 12
Choose your background on your computer or internet then place / insert it on your CorelDraw project.

Step 13
With the background image selected, go to Bitmaps > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

Step 14
Set the Radius value and find your bluriness taste (click the padlock icon button to make it auto preview) then apply it by clickin the OK button..

Step 15
To crop the image blur out, create a rectangle with Rectangle tool (F6) like below (I used with color to make it visible). Select the blurred image and the rectangle, then click Intercest icon button.

Step 16
Now delete the white rectangle and the first blurred image.

Step 17
Bring the logo to the front of the blurred image. Coloring the to white.

Step 18
With the logo selected, use Transparency tool. Set the Transparency type to Uniform and adjust the opacity (Starting Transparency) value with your taste. You may change the Transperancy operation from normal to Screen, Overlay, Softlight, etc.

CorelDraw Tutorial How to Create a Retro Logotype on a Blurred Background

Apologize for bad tutorial, bad English, and everything on this tutorial.
Hope you like this tutorial and thanks for visit.

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CorelDraw Tutorial How to Create a Retro Logotype on a Blurred Background

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