CorelDraw Tutorial - Cute Owl (Burung Hantu)

Now I'll make a CorelDraw tutorial about how to ... Kita akan membuat karakter burung hantu yang lucu ...

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Now I'll make a CorelDraw tutorial about how to make a cute owl character. Of course you can find many tutorial about this. But I just want to make another version of cute owl. Hope you like and enjoy it.

Step 1 Create a circle (ellipse).

Step 2 Use Pen tool in toolbox to make the ear like shown below.

Step 3 Select the circle and both of the ear.

Step 4 Then combine them with Weld.

Step 5 Make an ellipse for the eyes.

Step 6 Make another inner circle or use inner Contour tool.

Step 7 Disable the outline. Then coloring the inner circle with white and eyes border with another color.

Step 8 For the pupil, make two circle like shown below.

Step 9 Then use use Back minus front if the smaller circle in front of the bigger, or Front minus back vice versa.

Step 10 Arrange the pupil in the ellipse (eye).

Step 11 Copy the eye and arrange them like shown below.

Step 12 Use Pen tool to make the beak.

Step 13 Use Pen tool to make the curve like shown below.

Step 14 Fill the area with Smart Fill Tool.

Step 15 Delete the curve.

Step 16 Coloring with your taste. Use Fountain Fill to make it little 3D look.

Step 17 Create an ellipse.

Step 18 Use Drop Shadow in tool box.

Step 19 Delete the main ellipse. Order the shadow behind the owl object. DONE.

Free Download Vector

Thanks for visiting and hope it helpfully.

Free Download CorelDraw Vector Tutorial Cute Owl Character

Gratis Burung Hantu Lucu X3 X4 X5 X6 X7

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