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CorelDraw Tutorial - Love Ties (Ikatan Cinta)

This is a simple CorelDraw tutorial how to make ... Ini adalah tutorial CorelDraw sederhana bagaimana cara ..

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This is my first CorelDraw tutorial. This is a simple tutorial how to create a logo or graphic titled "Love Ties". I make this graphic with CorelDraw X6.

Step 1
Create one side object of the heart (we make the heart symmetrical). You also can add the hearth object from "Basic Shapes Object" tool box.

Step 2
Copy and flip horizontal the object.

Step 3
Select both object then combine them (Weld).

Step 4
Copy the heart object and make it smaller. Rotation them and make it as shown below.

Step 5
Coloring them with your taste. Use the fountain Fill to make it more 3D look.

Step 6
Adjust positions to make them better.

Step 7
Use the Pen Tool to make the ribbons (front side).

Step 8
Coloring the front side ribbons.

Step 9
Repeat the step 7 to make the back side ribbons.

Step 10
Coloring it with a darker color than front ribbons.

Step 11
Finish. Now you can add the shadows and background color to make it more nice look.

Download File

Thanks a lot for visit and hope it help fully.

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