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Cinema 4D Tutorial - Modeling Cute Poop (Feces) - Ice Cream Style

This post is my first tutorial of Cinema 4D. Now we want to make or modelling a cute poop style (although it does not seem cute).

- Make your new Project.

- Add a "Helix".

- Set the Object Properties of the "Helix" like below (can be customized).

-  Add a "Circle".

- Change the Radius of the "Circle"(can be customized).

- Add a "Sweep".

- Set the "Helix" and the "Circle" as Children of the "Sweep".

-Set Details Scale of the "Sweep" like below (can be customized).

- Make the material (can be customized), then apply it to the "Sweep".

- Set the texture projection to "Cubic".

Poop Bakery

Poop Friend

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Tutorial Cinema 4D C4D Poop Model Modelling Free Ice Cream

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