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Yamaha F310 TBS (Tobacco Sunbrust) Review

This is the best branded acoustic guitar... Gitar ini adalah gitar akustik bermerk terbaik...
  F310 TBS is one of a series of F310. This is the best branded acoustic guitar I have ever seen. Because this is amazing guitar for the money. With the low price, we get a high price acoustic guitar. We can say single price for double quality. Although I am not a skilled guitarist, but I know that this guitar really excellent guitar. Because I believe, Yamaha will always keep reputations for quality. It is suitable for beginner guitarists like me at all ages and is the best choice at entry-level class.

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Tonewoods – are used throughout the construction to produce an impressive voice featuring a spruce top for clear and bright sound and meranti in the back and sides to give a warm well-balanced tone which is defined and responsive. On the fingerboard and bridge made of Rosewood. Then the guitar Neck from Nato wood. This guitar is Dreadnought style. Excellent finishing with color as the name suggests, the Tobacco Sunbrust that makes it look beautiful.
Fingerboard width slightly narrower than usual and this guitar is an advantage for those who have fingers short.
F310 has a scale length that is slightly shorter than the other guitars in its class. This makes the F310 is unique in its class. So, this meaning that the frets are a little closer to each other – which provides the beginner with the best possible start to build hand strength and playing confidence.
Quality Tuning Pegs with simple, stable and reliable tuning.


This guitar is a perfect choice for beginner guitarists like me at all ages and is the best choice at entry-level class. Guitars that offer top quality at a low price.

by Lalu Galih Gasendra
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