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DIY - How to Build a Cajon (Acoustic Drum Box)

First,, Apologize for bad English and anything on this site. ^_^
I recently saw on the internet, a band was playing a song from my favorite band Blink 182 (acoustic version). There I saw the drummer plays a box object which he had occupied and played by banging the front. Without delay, I find out what it was. Of course I ask uncle Google to search for it. And finally with the keyword "box acoustic drums", uncle Google instantly find what I was looking for. And that is "Cajon".
Cajon (read "cahone") (Spanish pronunciation: "kaxon") is derived from the Spanish for crate, drawer, or box. One theory about Cajon began in the 18th century when the African slaves brought to the colonies of Spain in Peru. The slaves, forbidden to play their
traditional instruments. Because of that, they make a box shaped instrument that can be occupied so as bench so that they can disguise the instrument. Cajon was developed in the 19th century, and in 1850 was the peak of its popularity. And now, cajon also worldwide as one of the musical instruments are very much playable. One of them as an acoustic instrument accompaniment.



1. Of course, before we making this cajon, prepare all materials and tools required such as boards, plywood, nails, glue, bolts, stringed, hammer, cutting tools (saws), sandpaper, and everything that can be used to make a Cajon.
* In this case, I'm using the multiplex (teak wood) with a thickness of 12 mm and a membrane / tapa / drumhead using plywood with a thickness of 3 mm.
How to make Cajon

2. Sketch on board, (according to the desired size) lines to be cut. On the internet there are various sizes that are used in the making of this cajon. For high ranging between 40-60 cm and the length and width ranging from 28-38 cm.

* Holes / soundhole usually are dealing / parallel with tapa / headdrum. But it could also be in the side.

* There is some variation in the shape and size of the holes / soundhole. But generally rounded with sizes ranging from approximately 30-70% width cajon.

* In this case, the size of which used to be seen as an image

How to make Cajon Size

3. Cut these sketches into parts with saws or other cutting tools.
* For making holes (soundhole) use drill first and then use a sticks saw.
* Cut properly so that when installed, there is no gap or slit on each patch.
How to build Cajon Box

4. In the installation process, use wood glue on the parts that will be affixed to better glue and closing the gap / slit / pores undesirable. Then use a nail plywood to reinforce the patch.
*Ask for help a friend or use the gripper tool to facilitate the installation process.
*In this case my cousin ask for help. [:)]
How to build Cajon BoxMake Cajon Drum Box

5. To reduce the gap, use glue on each corner and on each of the parts are affixed.
Make Cajon Drum Box

6. In order for the resulting sound better, use a snare or a string can also be added bells.
DIY Cajon Snappy SnareDIY Cajon Snappy Snare

*Snappy Modification:

DIY Cajon Snappy Snare

*There are various ways snare or string mounting on cajon. For example:
DIY Cajon Snappy SnareDIY Cajon Snappy Snare
DIY Cajon Snappy Snare



Tutorial How to Make Build Create Cajon Acoustic Drum Box


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