Behringer C1, XENYX 1202FX, FCA202 Reviews

Finally, after some time I dream, I can buy the tools and stuff that I need to make a simple home recording. Of course, armed only with simple products from Behringer at a price that can only be purchased with the results of some of my savings this year.

For the mic, I use a condensor mic C-1. Surely a condensor mic that requires phantom power can be used. But with the 1202FX XENYX mixer, mic C-1 can be directly plugged in and used as a mixer has been equipped with its own preamp and phantom power. Thus no longer need to buy a preamp and phantom power or separately to be able to use this mic.

DIY - How to Build a Cajon (Acoustic Drum Box)

First,, Apologize for bad English and anything on this site. ^_^
I recently saw on the internet, a band was playing a song from my favorite band Blink 182 (acoustic version). There I saw the drummer plays a box object which he had occupied and played by banging the front. Without delay, I find out what it was. Of course I ask uncle Google to search for it. And finally with the keyword "box acoustic drums", uncle Google instantly find what I was looking for. And that is "Cajon".

Custom Guitar Tom DeLonge ES-333 (Acoustic Version)

I'm one of the Blink 182 fans. I Love the Band so much.
And the Tom's guitar (Tom DeLonge ES-333) is one thing that I want to have. But in my country the price is too expensive for me.
So I order the custom guitar in guitar shop. But for my first order is the acoustic version.
But I don't know how to make the shape. So I try to sketch it with any custom form and a little color modified.

But after many consideration, I decided to make it with this form.

But I don't now why,, I make the f-holes position different with the actually ES-333.

ES-333 Tom DeLonge guitar - acoustic version - car stripes guitar - multiple holes - f-holes - round holes and f-holes - holes combination - flattop f-foles acoustic guitar