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Tessellation (Teselasi)

A tessellation is a repeating pattern of figures that completely covers a plane without any gaps or overlaps. Tesselations are also called tillings.

There are 3 types of tessellations:

1) A regular tessellation is a tessellation that is made of  regular polygons.

Notice: Each vertex of the figure are tessellation patterns above has a common vertex.

2) A semi-reguler tessellation is a tessellation that is made of two or moretypes of reguler polygons.

Not all regular polygons tessellate the

Tessellations can be made by using special shapes, which have no common points, and by using shapes with curved number.
There is an infinite number of such tessellations.

3) Non-reguler tessellations are those in which there is no restriction on the order of the polygons around vertices.

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